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Anne Tholstrup, born 1952

Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,

Copenhagen, 1971-76




"My style as a painter is constantly alternating between abstract works with zen-like qualities and subtle, playful, story-telling pieces that talk about life"

"I strive to visualise some kind of quality of Spirit -which can seem elusive and complex, and communicate it in a very accessible and simple way.

To manifest the invisible - spirit -  through the power of images.

My vision is to manifest a different and deeper way of perceiving life than what is immediately available to us on the material plane"

"I'm very absorbed by aesthetics – I like things that are so aesthetic they seem almost eatable, so deliciously looking that you feel like it's possible to just grab them and ingest them and let them become part of your being"


"A huge inspiration for me is other cultures, particularly the way aboriginal people see the world has always fascinated me – from African cultures to Japanese and native American.

The way they express and create seems to hold a certain innocence and purity, a grace and naivity that we have lost in our modern world. Nothing is casual or random, everything is inspired, soulful and has function -like the way a hut is decorated has a symbolic and spiritual purpose – maybe to ward off evil spirits or call in abundance - as well as being beautiful."


"I love when art holds mystery and invites you into the unknown – like gateways into the collective consciousness, offering a new perspective on how we see life and this world. Pure sense perception, no explaining, no intellect, just being.


That to me is poignant, grand and wonderful"


The simplicity and physicality invites the spectator to go explore – but preferably quietly. In Anne Tholstrup, one senses great sensitivity and a desire not to speak too much about her paintings. In stead, they are intended as fields of opportunity and as frames for a dreamy search within one self, where, for a moment, the idea of the simple life is allowed to flourish.


Art historian Line Kjær Nielsen




In all of Anne Tholstrup's latest paintings, the traditional motives of the Hopi Indians are revived as simple, vibrating color surfaces in lengthy progressions. Simple, sensitive lines create, despite the absence of any figuration, the illusion of the paintings as stylized picture stories similar to comics. As in her former works, Anne Tholstrup succeeds in giving the color schemes of the original people new life while recreating their bearing myths in the now, making them, at the same time, both current and time-transcending.

And like her pictures, the life of Anne Tholstrup transcends time. Sensing, dreaming and working in her atelier in the house on the hills in Mallorca. And at the same time in the now, with a characteristic presence and fulness – in the city, at the galleries, in the art.


Art historian Birgitte Rodh




One recognizes the animation from ones own every day life … Often, we appreciate the little things with a completely irrational glow, not necessarily because they remind us of someone or something, but simply because they are there, a part of the life we call our own. In this way, they are able to carry heavy thoughts and ideas without loosing their own lightness, their own thoughtless presence. This may be the particular, quiet strength of the latest works by Anne Tholstrup. What is simple is not necessarily banal.


Museum inspector Flemming Friborg



Henning Larsens Kunsthandel, Copenhagen

Galleri Vendsborg, Copenhagen

Knud Grothes Galleri, Copenhagen

Galleri Hia Reimer, Copenhagen

Galleri Nørbo, Copenhagen

Atelier 53, Pile Allé, Copenhagen

Henrik Kampmanns Galleri, Copenhagen

Galleri Juul.Asbæk, Odense, DK

Galleri Nord, Randers, DK

Galleri Asbæk, Copenhagen

Galleri 20, Lund, Sweden

Galleri Nord, Randers, DK

Piscolabis, Barcelona,

Collector Contemporary Art, London

Galleri Deco, Aalborg, DK

Galleri Ho, Viborg, DK

Galleri Torso, Odense, DK

Faaborg Museum, DK

Galleri Joanna Kunstmann, Santanyi, Mallorca

Politikens Forhal, Copenhagen

Galleri C, Aarhus, DK

Galleri Brantebjerg, Nakke Odsherred, DK

Galleri Birthe Laursen, Paris

Gallerie von Loeber,  Hamborg Germany

Galleri C, Århus, DK

D.C.A. Galleri.  New York.

Galerie Andersen Art, Espergærde, DK



Kasteel de Hooge, Vuursche, Baarn, Holland

World Trade Center, Djakarta, Indonesia

PRO, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

Galleri Birthe Laursen, Struer DK

3ème Prix de la Fondation COPRIM,  Paris

Grosse Kunst Ausstellung, Düsseldorf, Germany

Galerie von Loeber, Hamburg, Germany

Galerie Joanna Kunstmann, Santanyi, Mallorca

Det Danske Kulturinstitut, Poznan, Poland

”Den Gyldne” Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

Galerie Joanna Kunstmann, Santanyi, Mallorca


FIAC, Paris

Art Copenhagen

ARCO Art Fair, Madrid

Art Jonction, Cannes

Art Colonge

Frankfurt Artfair

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